foundation system of burj al arab

What is Time Dependent Corrosion in Foundation Elements? (Part-1)

We know steel, concrete and timber are common foundation material. In many cases these elements of foundation are subjected to environmental adverse conditions.

Corrosion problem in foundation are an important factor in choosing foundation construction material and also in design purposes as well. We have discussed different aspects of foundation corrosion mainly on piling. We use different types of foundation like isolated footing, combined foundation, mat or raft foundation, pile foundation and other deep foundations. Of these piles are often driven or bored in weak soil formation, sometimes through water logged ground or through water in case of marine or other water structures.
Severe corrosion to steel in concrete pile
We have severe corrosion problem with steel piles and timber piles as well. Concrete piles are more resistant against corrosion when special care is taken.

The corrosion environments that often foundation engineers have to face are:

a. Foundation on pollute ground like older sanitary landfill

b. Areas where dead vegetation found in backwater.

c. Shoreline close to sewer outfall from old industrial plants.

d. Areas where tidal action affects the foundation

Dear reader we have discussed about corrosion protection of foundation and structures of Burj Khalifa in our previous posts.

Time dependent corrosion is involved where wet and dry cycles results corrosion to foundation elements. Dear reader we will finish this topic in next part of these post. Please stay with us.

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