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Sustainable Concrete: Replacing Aggregate with Waste Glass (Part-1)

The word ‘sustain’ means to maintain a process or system going and sustainability has objective to sustain the life of our planet for foreseeable future. We will discuss about sustainable construction in our upcoming posts; here our concern is sustainability of concrete in respect of conservation of natural aggregates.

The usual constituents of concrete are aggregates (both fine and coarse aggregates), hydraulic cement as cementitious material and water; other constituents are not included (used to make special concrete). The annual global production of concrete reached more than 1 m3 per capita. At the same time around 5 billion tons of by-products from industries and wastes generated after consumption of products in our regular life which can be recycles readily.
Waste glass used in glass beach in North California
Of these our concern is glass products; we will discuss about sources, application and usual contamination in waste glass products in our upcoming posts. Waste glasses sometimes produce problems in disposal specially where population density is high. Usual use of waste glass is disposal as landfill and some fractions are recycled in glass industries with some difficulties. The difficulties in glass recycling will be discussed in upcoming post.

According to Ahmad Shayam and Aimin Xu, 2004-glasses have inert property which facilitates recycling without altering their chemical property and can be used for many times.

Dear reader we will discuss about replacement of fine aggregates with glass powder and subsequent conservation of most common fine aggregate, sand. We will publish rest discussion in our next part; please stay with us.

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