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Glass for Lightweight Aggregate Concrete (Part-1)

Under ‘concrete’ keyword we are now discussing about application, suitability and durability of glass as both fine aggregate, coarse aggregates or as cement replacement. We will publish series of posts about recycled materials that can be used in concrete production.

Increasing demands of various goods and also due to economic development, with the increment of productions, there is also increasing waste materials. In these circumstances even if there have no interest of economy, for the sake of environment, we are thinking about recycled materials in construction industry.

At first we will have some idea about lightweight aggregate in brief. We have discussed some posts about light weight aggregates, and provided some relevant products available in market. Light weight aggregates may be either natural or artificial materials and characteristics dry density of particles should be less than 125 lb/ft3 (pcf).
Expanded glass light weight aggregate for concrete
Now can glass be used as lightweight aggregate? The answer is bulk density of crushed glass is below 125 lb/ft3, the threshold we provided above. It is 115 lb/ft3 (11250 kg/m3 ). This material is using in concrete construction for decades as light weight aggregate.

Dear reader we will finish this discussion in our next part of this topic, where we will learn about strength comparison with other light weight aggregates.

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