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Slump and Strength Increment of Glass Sand Concrete (Part-1)

Dear reader we were discussing about glass aggregates in concrete as a recycled product. We have discussed about influence on workability due to application of glass aggregate in concrete. The results will be discussed here.

It is observed that a progressive increment in slump of wet concrete is found with replacing sand from concrete with glass sand. The replacement is about 50% which leads to peak slump but after that a decreasing trend is observed. We can explain this; an overall better grading is achieved when equal proportion of sand and glass sand remains in fine aggregate.

Glass Sand (20 to 40 mesh) for concrete
For an equal time interval, the concrete produced with 50% sand replacement, shows a higher ultrasonic pulse velocity then other replacement percentage. We are trying to explain, briefly, about ultrasonic pulse velocity here.

Ultrasonic pulse velocity test for concrete is a non-destructive test. Some non destructive tests are:

b. Ultrasonic pulse velocity test

c. Other types of non-destructive tests: equipments are developed for measuring different crack parameters etc.

Dear reader we will discuss each test elaborately in our upcoming posts. We have discussed few posts about rebound hardness test. We will discuss about ultrasonic pulse velocity in next part of this topic and typical strength development with glass sand observed in different experiments. Please stay with us.

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