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Partial and Complete Replacement of Sand with Glass in Concrete (Part-1)

Dear reader we have discussed in last post about replacement of fine aggregates in concrete with crushed glass. Here we conclude about quantitative values about replacement of sand with glass. We have learnt about impact of workability due to introduction of glass sand. So let us start with workability.

It is observed that a 50% replacement of sand produced peak value of workability i.e. slump of resulting concrete increased proportionally up to 50% replacement. This amount of replacement also found better for strength development. It is reported that strength of such concrete is higher than concrete produced with control mix by 10%.

Crushed glass for sustainable concrete

In producing sustainable concrete, we are looking for less application of natural fine aggregate and introducing other filler materials like crushed glass as partial replacement, full replacement and sometimes sandless concrete. Sandless concrete is a concrete that have no fine aggregates which is replaced by cement, coarse aggregate and water; some patents are found in market, we will discuss some of these in our upcoming posts.

In case of 100% replacement of sand with glass aggregates were examined and found comparable strength with concrete produced with controlled mix after identical age of curing.

Naik and Wu have studied many aspects of sand replacement in concrete and cement replacement as well. The conclusion of these tests results will be discussed in next part of this topic; till then good bye.

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