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Do Deicers Disintegrate Concrete?(Part-1)

In the last post we have discussed about deicers and their detrimental effects on concrete. Here we will find the answer of question whether deicers results corrosion to concrete.

The answer is no. so you are thinking why we are discussing this topic as they produce no corrosion. We are missing few words that are “right use” of deicers.

Here it should keep in mind that many post on web; you will find rock salt as deicers. Rock salt is nothing but sodium chloride.

Concrete corrosion due to deicer Magnesium Chloride
Two most popular deicers are

–sodium chlorides

-calcium chlorides

This fact should be noted that when both are in dry condition, they do nothing harm to concrete surface. These deicers work by forming brine coming in contact with moisture.

Spreading liquid deicers on concrete pavement
These brines penetrate through ice toward its surface, spread out and melt ice breaking bond between it and ice. The melting is further accelerated by the heat (exothermic reaction) generation.

Here we have learned about mechanism of breaking bond with deicers from ice to concrete. In the upcoming part of this topic, we will discuss about misconception of application of deicers. Please stay with us.

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