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Concrete Corrosion in Relation to Ice Removal Agent (Part-1)

Dear reader we will discuss this topic according to ACI 201.2R, Guide to Durable concrete. We all know about detrimental effects of freezing and thawing cycles. Here we will discuss about the deicer that are used in removing ice

From the past, when people became used to apply deicers, it becomes common that these salts (deicers) results disintegration of surface. These salts are:

a. Sodium chloride

b. Calcium chloride

c. Sometimes both are applied

Concrete corrosion due to ice removal agent
But this guidelines concluded some results that are based on laboratory and practical experiences with

a. Sodium chloride

b. Calcium chloride

c. Ethyl alcohol

d. Urea

It is also observed that these salts can accelerate reinforcement corrosion leading failure called concrete spalling.

Here we will address deicers as ice removal agents. Many performances of concrete have not yet been understood clearly. In this case also we have a fairly well understanding. However, it is ascertained that the mechanism of disintegration is primarily due to physical causes rather than the chemical causes. Dear reader in the next part of this topic we will learn about mechanism involved in disintegration of concrete under application of ice removal agents.

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