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How is Slab-On-Grade Foundation Repaired Distressed by Black Cotton Soil? (Part-5)

We will finish this topic in this post. We have learned a bit about rebar doweling for repair of slab on grade foundation. But we have not learned about penetration requirements for rebar doweling. The manufacturer of epoxy will provide hole size and penetration depth for rebar of particular size. We will provide some epoxy products from different manufacturers for applying rebar dowels in next post.

Now we will consider the economy of this repair process. In some cases, the severity of problem due to expansive soil, governs the way of repair method. If the depth of black cotton soil is relatively small, it is wise to remove it and backfilled with non-expansive soil. 

Rebar doweling for slab extension to form slab foundation

We have published a post about fill material as a replacement of this problem soil. Foundation engineers have to consider this economical fact. But when the large depth of replacement produces huge cost involvement, structural slab is better option.

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Dear readers don’t forget about mud jacking, we have published few posts about mud jacking. This is also a method of repair for such problems. But mud jacking may involve grout losses for many reasons. We have published post regarding grout losses during mud jacking. In this case we have discussed earlier that some methods of containment of grout have to use. The containment method of grout for foundation slab repair is also discussed in previous post. These containments involve further cost involvement. So the economy depends on geological and geotechnical conditions of the foundation sites.

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