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Distressed Slab-On-Grade Foundation Raising by Polyurethane Foam Injection (Part-1)

Many foundations rest on slab that cast directly over ground. In this post we will learn about raising of concrete slab using synthetic injection method. In commercial and industrial floors, the distressed slab by sinking, create many problems. It interrupts the functionality of a warehouse floor, when vehicular movement is necessary to enter and exit of goods. 

It also produces aesthetic and hygienic problems to the floor slab. In most industrial floor forklifts are very common to move around the floor. The repair of this slab is also expensive.

A cracked concrete surface

Raising effort of pavement slab sunk at junction with Polyurethane Foam InjectionWe have already discussed about injection method of cement grout for these purpose. Here we will discuss about another injection materials-its polyurethane foam. This type of material is very light weight, have short hardening period, leaving distressed slab to be repaired and serviceable within few minutes, even under the loading of heavy traffic or industrial forklifts.

Now we will discuss about the properties that make polyurethane foam a supreme injection material. We will discuss about setting time of it, in this post. We will finish this topic in the next part, where rest properties will be discussed. Here in some properties we will compare it with conventional mudjacking/slabjacking. You can read our posts on these traditional methods of repairing slab foundations.
Polyurethane Foam Injection provides-‘no excavation’ repair for slab foundation
a. Setting time:


This is important to make slab serviceable within few minutes, in very busy industrial or commercial floors, so that no interruption in shipment of goods or no hamper in regular service in a work station is occurred. Polyurethane foam serves this purpose accurately. Think within few minutes the floor is ready to serve. This is due to the super fast hardening properties of polyurethane foam-this is at most 15 minutes.

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