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What are the Natural Fibers in Fiber-Reinforced Concrete?

In this month we will publish ASTM specifications for different engineering materials that are used in concrete construction. In the previous post we have discussed about the factors that influence the performance of fiber-reinforced concrete. In this post we will discuss about natural fiber-reinforced concrete.

In the ASTM 1116/C 1116M-09, we found these type of fibers are classified as type IV. The product is called natural fiber reinforced concrete. In this concrete natural fibers that have resistance to moisture and alkalis induced deterioration, are used. 
Concrete block made of cellulose waste
Cellulose Fiber Concrete RoofingThe fibers should be investigated carefully and should conform by established documentations. Throughout the life of structure this fiber should perform satisfactorily against substances used or found in admixtures, alkalis and moisture as well.

In case of cellulose fibers, the fiber should conform the specifications provided by ASTM D7357. Some fibers are sensitive to alkalis and suspected to be deteriorated. But there have many natural fibers that show high resistance to alkalis and no degradation of them are observed in to concrete through the life of structure. ASTM has provided a standard test method (ASTM D6942) to determine deterioration potential of these fibers when exposed to alkaline environment.

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