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Surface Preparation for Commencing Concrete Repair Work(Part-1)

In the previous posts we have already learned about the RCC jacketing, its limitation and solution for overcoming this limitations. We have learned about different repair methods and performance requirements for concrete repair works. We have learned through these posts that the bonding between existing old concrete and member and new repair materials is very important. 

To make a composite concrete member having composite action, this bonding is very important and to achieve this it is very important to prepare the surface of concrete to be bonded with foreign repair materials. It is also important to provide bonding with reinforcement present in old concrete member. In this post we will learn about surface preparation techniques. We will discuss these in four consecutive posts.

In the figure below we described a typical removal area of spalled concrete to be repaired. In this figure we provide delaminated or loosen concrete boundary in the left side and recommended preparation layout for commencing repair work.

Fig-1: A typical layout for surface repair as an example
Typical Surface Preparation layout for concrete repair


For the convenience of the reader we will provide some sketch for example and images of some pectical work performed before repair work and finished concrete surface after repair work. For these repair positioning and placement of formwork is very important. Don’t be worry, dear reader we will provide total concrete repair process in this blog in different posts. We apologize to reader for that we con not post too long post as it contains many figures and text that lead to elongated loading time of page. Thus annoying reader. Please follow the link below and we will go to the next post.