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Problem with Pier and Beam Foundation in Texas

Expansive and reactive clay soils generate main foundation problems to lighter residential buildings in all over the world. United States are not an exception in this regard. In Texas, Virginia, California and some portion of Colorado, in United States, this problem is considered the main foundation problem and the home owners kept always busy to find the perfect foundation repair contractor to fix and repair their sweet home.

Texas foundation, foundation settlement

More than 90% of the older homes in Texas were built with pier and beam foundations. Heavy rainfall is very common in Texas especially in northern and eastern portion of Texas State. The excessive rainfall associates the foundation problems in pier and beam houses.

pier and beam foundation The foundation problems include development of cracks in walls and jamming of doors and windows. More over the older homes have no proper drainage to drain water and results accumulation of water or seepage of water towards vertical and lateral directions. The condition becomes worse where expansive clay soil exist beneath building which is very common in Texas. Expansive soil gets expanded with the presence of water and results the piers to heave. When  the clay soil under a pier gets saturated, this pier sunk as soil lacks its ability to support this pier.

Besides this major foundation problem sometimes termite damage, warped beams, decomposed wood in different structural members also make busy home owners to get repaired their foundations.

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  1. I just realized that all of us, the home owners, must have a regular home foundation repair inspection.