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Pile Cap Analysis and Design Program from S.E Software

Pile Cap Analysis and Design is a design program that facilitates a foundation engineer to design to design and analysis a cap for Pile group. This is a windows-based and interactive design program of which professional version allows one to arrange piles in positions that align piles accurately or nearly close to provide center of resistance to center load in same axis to avoid eccentricity. This facilitates engineers to read the new position of pile coordinates from this program and to supply piles and pile caps layout to the contractor. This facility followed by the designing the cap at the same time. One can delete and/or add and even he can temporarily disable the influence of any pile in a cap. Manual calculation to input coordinates is not required as the arrangement of piles are pre-programmed. Caps for upto 16 piles in group having various sizes, shape and of different materials like steel, concrete or timber of any capacity can be handled and designed. Just provide number of piles and the pile cap edge with piles in standard layout are drawn. The dropdown menus provide facility to change spacing, concrete strength, edge distance, covering, grout strength, reinforcement, column size and many other relevant parameters.
Pile cap analysis and design program from S.E Software
Besides providing number of piles and layout, it can be calculated the number of piles and necessary alignment from provided axial loads. A cap can be designed for calculated reaction or for maximum capacity of pile. There have either option of entering cap thickness and then check it or calculation of required thickness for pre-defined or pre-programmed alignment/arrangement of piles. Once user has created drawing of pile groups and position of columns and cap edge, he can enter the design loads and the cap can be checked for service condition.

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