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Fill and Grading of Foundation Site's Requirements in Flood Hazard Areas, IBC (Part-1)

Dear reader we have discussed many posts about foundation scouring specially bridges, dams and detrimental impact of water level rise in foundation site especially in regions of collapsible and expansive soils. Flood hazard areas also related to these topics; we invite you to read these posts and get some valuable information.

All over the world there have many destruction related to natural disaster like flood. With the different flood control measures, we tried to control flood but in many cases we cannot control flood and we have establish areas under flood hazard based on flood hazard map with another supporting data.
Flood hazard map of Manila
The flood hazard map should include at least following-

• Flood boundary map

• Flood way map

• Flood insurance rate map

• Areas of special flood hazard

The federal emergency management agency provides this data and map as well.

In some cases, design flood elevations in flood hazard areas are not mentioned or sometimes floodway also not designated; in such cases building official have authority to ask to submit following data from applicant:

1. From sources like state, federal or other sources, acceptable design flood elevation or floodway data.

2. Submit the same according to accepted hydraulic/hydrologic engineering practices applicable to determine special flood hazard areas and registered professional should be employed in documenting this.

Dear reader flood hazard areas, established in these procedures, IBC provided some requirements to approve filling and establishing grading in these area. We will learn these in our next part.

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