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Materials Required for MicroPile Construction (Part-1)

Dear reader we have discussed few posts about micropiles and here we are not defining this type of foundation construction. Here we will learn about materials required for micropile construction. The materials and products required for micropile construction are:

A. Water

B. Admixture

C. Cement

D. Filler

E. Bar reinforcement

Grouting during micro pile construction
F. Pipe or casing

G. Plates and shapes

H. Centralizers

I. Corrosion protection materials or method

Dear reader we will learn here about only materials except bar reinforcement and pipe or casing. They will be discussed in next post. Corrosion protection and plates and shapes will be discussed in upcoming posts.


Dear reader, we know grout is applied in micropile construction and water is essential element of grout. Water used to mix grout should be



-Free from deleterious substances which may affect steel or grout quality as well.

If potable water is not available, used water should be tested for approval according to AASHTO T26.


We all know about admixtures for concrete and sometimes for mortar, but what should be use of admixture in grouting? The objectives of applying admixture are to

-Control bleeding

-Control shrinkage

-Increase of improve flowability

-As water reducer

-Elongating setting time

-Provide washout resistance

Dear reader in our next we will learn about requirements of admixture, cement and filler also. Please stay with us.

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