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Rebound of Fiber in Shotcrete Operation (Part-1)

Dear reader, we have learnt that shotcrete is special type of concrete; the difference is conveying and placing. As in concrete; steel fibers are added to shotcrete to improve its properties.

Steel fibers improve durability of concrete; as it helps to improve resistance against cracks thus increase ductility of concrete. Same performance can be expected from shotcrete with the addition of steel fibre. It have added advantage over welded mesh reinforcement as their require
  • Less labor
  • Less time of construction
Shotcreting in tunnel wall
In special work like lining in tunnels and in industrial floors for the former one it is suggested to use small fibers and later one to use longer fibers.

In case of welded mesh/ or conventional reinforcement, we can increase tensile strength in some particular direction; whereas fiber shotcrete offer us a multidirectional reinforcing effect.

While projecting shotcrete material (at a high speed) on to a target (say backup surface), it is not usual that all portion of projected materials to adhere to expected target surface. The fraction of materials rebounds or falls down. In our previous post we learnt that coarser particles are rebounded.

Here we will learn about steel fibers in steel fiber reinforced shotcrete, also known as SFRS, their performance in shotcreting in respect of rebound. The rest of information will be discussed in next part of this topic.

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