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Foundation Damage due to Deterioration of Brick (Part-1)

Dear reader problems start with absorption of moisture within brick. Brick is considered here, as it is most common foundation materials and used over the world extensively; but actually not as broken chips in concrete.

Once it was very common to have brick foundation and some of these foundations are also still serving as foundation of many hysterical buildings and also some are still using as dwelling structure.

Now-a-days new structures are also building when this construction material is available and structure is also light and less important. Considering environmental issue, now we are gradually trying to replace brick with other materials and also to have lighter structure it is replaced by hollow block made of many recycled materials.
Disruption of brick foundation
Building bricks are specified in ASTM C62, which deals with bricks that are used in non-structural and structural brick works and whose appearance is not important factor.

“Glossary of Building and Civil Engineering Term”-BS6100 defines clay engineering bricks as clay units that are fired to produce a strong and dense semi-vitreous body which comply with most important engineering requirement like brick-compressive strength and water absorption.

The structural brick work use these two properties in both strength and durability point of view. Bricks are defines in UK as Class A and Class B.

The typical requirements of strength and water absorption of these two classes of bricks are:
UK classification of brick
Dear reader we will discuss about other classification, aspects of brick and damage phenomena of brick foundation in relation to frost action in next part of this topic, please stay with us.

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