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How is Concrete Exposed to Chlorides?

Concrete corrosion may be taken place due to many causes and corrosion contributors. The main contributor that results corrosion to steel reinforcement in reinforced concrete member is chlorides. Presence of chlorides in it may cause severe corrosion.

Now in this post we will find out, how concrete comes in contact with chlorides. These are as follows:

a. Exposing it to saline water

b. Exposure like brackish water
Chloride captures steel reinforcement: deicing salt

c. When it is exposed to soils that contain significant salinity(saline soils). The chlorides penetrates through it to steel by diffusion process

Severe corrosion of reinforcement in reinforced concrete due to exposure to coastal environment
d. We all know about deicing solutions which contain chlorides. This deicing solution can penetrate through pores or cracks remain in concrete.

e. From admixtures or other constituents of concrete that contain chlorides.

When corrosion is started by such chloride concentration, it is very hard to control corrosion. Some admixtures can slow down or reduce such corrosion. These potential of admixtures to inhibit corrosion will be discussed in the next post.

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