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Specifications for Non-Agitating Equipment for Ready Mixed Concrete (Part-1)

Dear reader in this post we will learn about ASTM requirements for transporting central mixed concrete to the desired pouring site. We will learn about central mixed concrete in the next post; in discussing this topic we have to know about non-agitating equipments. Dear reader we have published posts regarding uniformity requirements for ready mixed concrete which is specified in “Annex A1: Concrete Uniformity requirements”. Don’t afraid, you don’t have to find this from ASTM C94/C 94M, we are providing link to reach this requirements.

We will discuss this topic in two parts. Let’s start with central mixed concrete. In this mixing arrangement, concrete is completely mixed in mixer that is stationary in a suitable location and then transported to required site to deliver concrete either by non-agitating equipment, will be discussed in this post, or by truck agitator which is operated at a designed agitating speed. We will discuss about truck agitator in the next posts.

Non-agitating hauler for transporting central mixed concrete

The non-agitating equipment have to use in transporting, should be approved by the purchaser. The properties of the concrete also have to be approved by the purchaser with some limitations as follows:

Here we are going to provide some requirements for non-agitating equipment and the final product (concrete) transported by the equipment.

The equipment bodies should be water tight, smooth and metal containers should be furnished with a well equipped gates that will provide sufficient control over the discharging of concrete to the pouring site. For the construction work in extreme weather condition, the equipment should be equipped with suitable covers to have protection against weather as per requirements of purchaser.

Dear reader we will provide uniformity requirements from this equipment to have a thoroughly mixed and to ensure uniformity of mass and also requirements for slumps, but not in this post. Please uses above table to switch next part (Part-2) of this topic.


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