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Application of Exposed Aggregate Concrete Surfacing in UK

We all know that concrete pavement is costly relatively to that constructed with bitumen. But sky high price increment of bitumen, raised question to highway engineers whether it is relevant to use such pavement considering its longevity and frequent maintenance requirements. Then concrete pavement is tested and initial costs of both materials are compared. Now these are almost same. Regarding longevity a bitumen surface may serve only 7-10 years whereas a concrete surface can serve successfully for 15-40 years.

With the longevity a slight modification in wearing course can render a concrete pavement of lower noise pollution. Yes we are talking about exposed aggregate concrete surfacing. We have learned about it in our previous few posts. We are providing here a link in regards to it.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Surfacing in driveway

Expose aggregate concrete surfacing is compressed to EACS in this post for convenience of writing this post. EACS has successfully applied in several UK roads and served as good for last 15-20 years. We are providing a list:

A50 in Derbyshire, Great Britain near Marston Bridge Exposed Aggregate Concrete finishing to reduce noise1. M18 in the Yorkshire

2. A50 in the Derbyshire

3. M23 near the Gatwick

4. A13 in the Essex

5. A449 in the Wales

We have already learned about how aggregate are exposed in EACS. Its exposed aggregate surface provides a random contact points with tyre treads and reduce noise pollution. It can reduce noise up to 3 dBA. Can you realize 3DBA noise reduction? It is almost equivalent to a 50% reduction in traffic flow. With noise reduction of this level it provides excellent skid resistance to the surface and requires low long term maintenance.

We will discuss about another method of noise reduction and providing skid resistance known as concrete grinding and grooving un the next post. This reduces noise more efficient than EACS.


  1. Exposed aggregate Perth concrete can be a kind of ornamental concrete where the accumulations in the cement, mainly pebbles and small gems, are uncovered rather than the traditional hassle-free appearance of concrete surfaces. Uncovered aggregate concrete adds visual desire for a place consequently of the random designs and assorted colours.

  2. Exposed aggregate concrete is quite popular over here in the UK. Given it's durability and design its no wonder.

  3. I really like how this looks. I would like to get this kind of concrete in the driveway of the new house I am building. I like how decorative it is. Is this really durable concrete?
    Gary Puntman |

  4. I can definitely see why a lot of people opt to go with this kind of concrete for their homes. I like the fact that it is so grippy. I think this is why you occasionally find some tracks that are built with this stuff.

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