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Prefabricated Large Panel Building Systems - CSIR - SERC Technology

Prefabricated Large Panel Building Systems (Industrialized Construction)

I have seen this technology in the CSIR Technofest 2010, showcased by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi, at India International Trade Fair during November 14-27, 2010 New Delhi, India. I understand that "Prefabricated Large Panel Building Systems" was developed by Structural Engineering Research Centre (SERC), Chennai, India.

Sometimes, Government has to construct many houses in large number to save the people from calamities like flood, cyclones, fire accidents.  In that situation, time of construction is the main factor for housing colonies and communities.  If walls, roofs, floors are readymade and pre fabricated, then it is very easy to construct houses immediately with less time. SERC, Chennai has the expertise in this area of mass production and construction of houses.
SERC, Chennai has the expertise and is offering this expertise to constructing large number of houses.
On-site Large Panel Prefabrication – Below are the features of this 
  • All the elements are cast at site
  • Room sized composite panels for external and internal walls, and roof/floor slab with funicular shell elements
  • Industrialized construction
  • Hollow clay blocks and concrete for external walls to enhance thermal comfort
  • Sandwich panels for internal walls
  • Maximum weight of panel is 4 tonnes
  • A flat of 90 square meters can be erected in two days
  • Disciplined use of cement and steel
  • Saving in time upto 40%
  • Quality control effected in construction
  • Industrialization proves continuous employment to skilled labour
  • Offers scope for standardization and modular co-ordination
  • Faster construction enables earlier return of rentals
In future, because of cost factors, all apartments will also use this kind of technologies for reducing the cost of houses. This may give low cost and reach the rural areas for rural peoples' dream of house. 


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