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Plumbing Tools to Keep Handy

In certain emergency plumbing situations you always want to make sure you keep certain tools handy. It isn't always easy to go and search for a plumber while something is overflowing or leaking, especially in the middle of the night.

To help deal with these types of emergencies you should always keep the following tools handy around the house.

Some basic plumbing tools that can help you are:

Wrenches: These tools are common tools which is a "must-have" to tackle plumbing problems. It is difficult to get the right wrench since you may find different types of wrenches in the market.

Fig -1: Wrenches

It is generally advised to go for adjustable wrenches since these offers the flexibility to change the grip as and when the situation demands. Fixed wrenches on the other hand, offer only one type of grip. Other types of wrenches are socket wrench, basin wrench and pipe wrench.
Fig-2: Pliers

Pliers: This is the second items which are very important to deal with any type of plumbing work. The most common type of pliers are tongue and groove pliers. Pliers are a part of most plumbing tools which are available in the market.
Pipe Vises
Fig 3: Pipe Vises

Pipe Vises: This equipment is mainly used for threading, reaming and cutting pipes. Pipe vises are designed to work with pipes of various sizes. The two most commonly used ones are yoke pipe and chain vises. The former is used for pipes with jaws, whereas the latter is used for pipes without jaws.
Sink Auger
Fig -4:  Sink Auger

Sink Auger: This is by far one of the most valuable plumbing tools that you can own. Great for clearing clogs in sinks and bathtubs,the auger consists of a long flexible cable coiled in between a drum shaped canister. By turning the canister, you can make the cable break up any challenging clogs in your drains.

Toilet Auger
Fig-5:  Toilet Auger

Toilet Auger: Similar in use to the sink auger, this is specially designed for clearing clogs in toilets only. Commonly known as the closet auger, this special tool has a hand crank, a long sleeved handle, and an auger bit that can break apart any plumbing obstructions. It reaches around three feet.

Fig-6: Plunger

Plunger: Shaped like a rubber cup with a wooden handle attached on one end, the plunger is most commonly known clearing up clogs. There are specialized plungers for the different occasions. Cup plungers are used for sinks and tubs, while the flange plunger is designed for the toilet bowls. 


  1. Plungers will be split into two broad categories. There are plungers designed for use with toilets, and plungers intended for use with sink and floor drains.

  2. Every house hold needs to have a sink auger, it is one of the most basic, important and most used tool. The tool is used to break up or clearing away the clogs that might build up in the sinks or tubs, however, it should not be used for toilet clogs are there is a special tool for that too. plumbing company manchester

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