foundation system of burj al arab

Jack Pile Underpinning

Jack  Pile  Underpinning  method  can  be  used  when  the  depth  of  a suitable bearing  capacity subsoil is too deep to make traditional underpinning uneconomic. Jack pile underpinning is quiet, vibration free and flexible since the pile depth can be adjusted to suit subsoil conditions encountered. 

The existing foundations must be in a good condition since they will have to span over the heads of the pile caps which are cast onto the jack pile heads after the hydraulic jacks have been removed. 
Jack Pile Underpinning

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  1. Basis Underpinning is actually structural support put into the foundation associated with an recent design. Supporting can be done for a number of unique causes, and is commonly done by the development organization which usually specializes in foundations, and will specifically concentrate on carrying out underpinning function.