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Bridge Foundation Failure Due to Scouring: A Comparison Between Other Causes of Failure (Part-1)

Dear reader we have learnt major collapse of bridge due to foundation scouring of United States and New Zealand in previous posts. We have already learnt about maximum causes of bridge foundation failure are related hydraulic action; of these scouring results maximum failure of bridge foundation.

Here we like to list major causes of bridge failure:

b. Inappropriate construction materials 
San Francisco Bay Bridge collapsed during Loma Prieta earthquake
c. Overloading

d. Accidents/ collision

e. Inappropriate installment

f. Earthquake

g. Faulty design

h. Wind destroy

i. Fatigue

j. Rust

Of these main causes of bridge failure are scouring, collision and overloading; arranged depending on severity. We have providing a table that provides distribution of failure causes:
Bridge failures over the world; categories (1847~1975)
We are discussing about other two causes, at first, and then we will go for scouring.

Bridge failure due to collision:

This is the second leading event that results failures of bridge. The collision may be three types-
  • Vehicular traffic (in highway bridges)

  • Train (in railroad bridges)

  • Shipping underneath bridges

In United States 
  • Fourteen bridges had record to fail due to collision with vehicles like car or truck

  • Three bridges were recorded to fail due to collisions with trains

  • Ten bridges were toppled due to collisions with barges or ships

Dear reader we will discuss about overloading failure, concluding with scouring foundation failure in next part.

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