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What are the Additives for Soil Block Stabilization? (Part-2)

Dear reader we have published numerous post about black cotton soil and expansive soil. This type of soils is very clayey and generally as stabilizing additive lime is chosen. In case of sandy soil bitumen is suitable additive.

For the stabilizer discussed above and to be discussed, the quantity depends on type of soil. A rough guideline is provided below for normal situation; it should keep in mind that all essential tests have to perform to achieve desired soil block from a selected type of soil. 

Lime stabilization of black soilSandy soil: 5% cement as stabilizer

Clayey soil: (5-6) % hydrated lime +2% cement

Ordinary red soil having clay content up to 25%: 2.5% hydrated lime.

The percentage, provided, of additives are observed to be most suitable to reach

-Desire strength of stabilized blocks/bricks

-Weather resistance of desire degree

-Economy of production

Industrial by-products like flyash can also be used as stabilizer and many study is conducted over the application of these by-products in different field of civil engineering like concrete technology, soil stabilization etc.

Interlocking block machine for lime/flyash-soil

The cementing medium produced by combining lime with flyash performed almost comparable to Portland cement for both sandy soil and for clay soil they are used successfully.

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