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Generalize Recommendation To Design Earthquake Resistant Structure (Part-1)

Dear reader our posts about geometric configuration, concentration of earthquake stress at structural joints, vertical, plan and stiffness irregularity becomes very popular. Here we like to include some basic design recommendation for entire (in general) layout of structures.

In earthquake prone areas, structural design philosophy includes one consideration of performing structure as single unit i.e. it is agitated in unison under ground motion generated by earthquake vibration. It should keep in mind that both in design and construction this compact performance is expected.

Structural retrofitting for failure during earthquake due to stiffness irregularity

We will discuss how to calculate performance of elements of structural form with stiffening shear wall both in approximate (manual method) and using software like STAAD. Pro and ETABS. The localized amplification of earthquake force due to different soil condition with layer effect will also be discussed in this blog.

We are emphasizing over construction process with designing as some assumption are taken in design office which should be satisfied in construction phase rightly. As most of the forming system and shear walls consist of different concrete member and we can imagine the importance of supervising concreting work by qualified officials.

Many structures in the world, failed due to poor construction process not by design fault. We are providing series of failure of structures and terrorist target on civil engineering structures. We have also provided posts about new development and rehabilitation of damaged structures due to explosion and thermal affect. The points recommended for earthquake resistant structures will be listed in next part of this topic; please stay with us, we can ensure that we will have some important information about earthquake resistant structures. 

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