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Glass for Lightweight Aggregate Concrete (Part-2)

Dear reader we have learnt about lightweight concrete made of glass aggregate studying over last decades. The aggregates were used in the form of expanded glass pellet. We are using this concrete for many years, but of low strength and low density too.

Here we are providing a plot that was made considering different light weight aggregates, which provides a relation between compressive strength of concrete with its density.

We have only few data about expanded glass pellet that can be used in concrete for regular or high strength concrete. We have already known about that presence of glass produce susceptibility to produce alkali aggregate reactions. Now-a-days wide verities of expanded glass lightweight aggregates are available in market.
Compressive strength and density relation for structural lightweight aggregate concrete
These aggregates will result high compressive strength with particle densities of wide range. The most important property that we like to mention that a special covering over the surface is provided having resistance to alkaline environment present in concrete. They also have low water absorbent property. These lightweight aggregate are produced with

-ground waste glass


-sodium silicate

This mixture of materials are pelletized heating at 8500.

Concrete produce with such aggregates can yield compressive strength up to 17.3Mpa when cured with steam; this measured after 28 days of curing.

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