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Different Types of Pile Hammer for Pile Foundation (Part-2)

In the last post we have discussed about drop hammer and steam pile hammer for pile foundation operation. Now we will learn about double acting steam hammer.

When steam energy is used to lift hammer and as well steam pressure is used to enhance downward energy, the hammer is called double acting steam hammer. From the name we can realize why this is double acting steam hammer.

Diesel hammer is lighter than double-acting steam hammer and can easily be transported. It is also operated at slow rate then double acting steam hammer. Diesel hammer is a unit which containing a fuel tank and essentially injectors.

Double-acting steam pile hammer pile foundation operation
Diesel hammer have a very large diesel engine. Obviously modern hammers are two-stroke engine. The weight consists of piston and the cylindrical arrangement that is placed on pile top.

The manufacturer of hammer specifies the rate of energy to be exerted by this pile hammer.Let consider Vulcan(016) pile hammer, which specifies the energy of 48750 ft-lb. sometimes in case of large diameter piling work more energy is required. The example is offshore drilling platform where large energy of driving is required and a capacity of 180,000 ft-lb has been rated by some manufacturers.

Vibratory pile Hammer for pile foundation operation
Now we will learn about a pile driver that has less energy loss than our conventional hammer. This is vibratory driver. This driving technology is extensively used by Russian piling engineers. The arrangement, called oscillator, is mounted by crane or other means on the top of pile to be driven. The oscillator has pair of eccentric masses which is driven by electric or hydraulic motor. Such operation of oscillator is called vibratory driving.

Dear reader we will discuss about the relative efficiency of vibratory drivers over other conventional pile hammer in the next post. The principle of vibratory driver and diesel hammer will be also published later in this blog. Till then stay with us.

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