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How does Diesel Hammer Work in Pile Foundation Operation? (Part-2)

We were on working principle of diesel hammer for pile foundation construction. We have already learned that ignition energy raised the weight back to its initial elevated position. While rising, the cylinder again draws fresh air and cycle stated above kept running.

These cycles can be stopped willingly by pile operator or automatically when fuel injection is stopped due to run out of it. So far we have discussed about operating principle of diesel hammer. Now we will discuss about some details of apparatus and mechanism as well.

Diesel injector
The hammer operation starts with raising piston called ram to a designated point while the raising system automatically releases ram. The ram falls by gravity over the pile top. There have mechanism with the ram and fuel ignition system.

When ram falls, this mechanism automatically gives live to fuel pump. This pump has facilities to insert fuel to such amount to result ignition successfully with optimum efficiency.

While piston falls, it closes the exhaust system through which the system draws fresh air into it. This results an entrapped condition of air. In the impact block the fuel pump releases fuel into ball pan.

Driving of pile with diesel hammer
The fuel discharged into the impact block is metered such that it provides specific amount of force to pile and at a time rebound the piston to this automatically release point of raised position.

Dear reader we will finish this topic in the next post, Where we will learn about preloaded force generated by compressed air and the mechanism followed by it.

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