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Barrette Piles in Foundation System of Petronas Twin Tower (Part-1)

Petronas Twin Tower is a 452 m high skyscraper located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. These great structures (twin towers) were tallest building of world until Taipei 101 was built. The regime of this structure was between (1998-2004). We have published posts about architectural feature, structural and also damping facilities of these towers. We also published about testimonial of Taipei 101 under earthquake, its construction constraints and also tuned mass damper of Taipei 101. Of these posts, tuned mass damper becomes popular. You are all invited to visit all posts.

As foundation system is concerned, we will first discuss about the foundation system and then we will go to the piling types. Geotechnical investigation explored that the actual construction of these mega structures was on soft rock and decayed limestone. Both occupied almost equal portions of construction site. Then engineers were decided to relocate the structure to be sat it on entirely soft rock and moved it to around 61 meter to achieve this. 104 nos piles of an average 125 m piles were used to reach deep bed rock which made it having deepest foundation system of the world.

Reinforcement placing for Raft foundation construction in PETRONAS TowerThe single stage largest and longest concrete pouring of the history of Malaysia was conducted to embed this huge number of piles to form a raft from which a retaining wall of 21 meter was raised along a perimeter of more than 1000 meter. The raft had a giant thickness of 4.6 meters having weight of 32500 tonnes. This record was hold unbroken till 2007 in respect of largest pour. The raft comprised 13200 cum of concrete which required 54 hours to pour for each tower.

Skybridge of Petronas Towers

Dear reader we are leaving this topic unfinished; you have to wait for next part to have complete discussion. There we will learn about piling in Petronas Twin Tower, and also try to understand barrette piles and some examples of application of barrette piles.

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