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How is Slab-On-Grade Foundation Repaired Distressed by Black Cotton Soil? (Part-4)

We were on the method of slab-on-grade foundation repair. We discussed that the narrow and weak slab should cut along the side of support say load bearing wall or grade beam or other means of support. Now we have isolated this narrow slab on the support from the unsupported narrow one. This is the time to provide new structural slab as repair option of distressed slab-on-grade foundation.

Every new work should have a proper connection with older one. Now we will learn how we will do this. We will provide a means of connection named “rebar dowel” to the remaining older one. Now do we know what is rebar dowel. 

Rebar doweling required for a insufficient reinforced distressed slab foundation cut over footing support

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Splicing new bars with rebar dowels, previously drilled and glued with epoxy for repairing slab-on-grade foundation
Dear reader we are publishing post and maintaining this blog for beginner in foundation and concrete engineering. We have also published many posts about earthquake. This is fourth part of this topic. Are you annoying-why we are elongating this post? We are trying to provide full information so that you don’t have to run to understanding definitions of some terms. Our posts are self-sufficient.

In the process of rebar doweling, horizontal holes are drilled through vertical face of old remaining concrete and pieces of rears, glued with epoxy are penetrated. In drilling purpose hammer drill or roto-hammer is used. In the next post we will have idea about drilling size and depth requirements and also economical fact of this method of slab-on-grade foundation repair.

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