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How is Slab-On-Grade Foundation Repaired Distressed by Black Cotton Soil? (Part-3)

Thanks for staying with us. We were in structural slab. We have mentioned that structural slab can be provided in replacement of unreinforced, not supported on firm foundation component or less thickened slab-on-grade foundations, as a foundation repair option for problem soil, black cotton soil.

How a structural slab is designed, depends on foundation engineer. In many cases, we have found that engineers are providing a thickness of five/six inches having steel reinforcement.

Construction of new structural slab having grade beam
Regarding reinforcement 12 mm reinforcing bars (no.4 bars) are provided with a spacing of 450mm to 600mm center to center, and off course in both directions. We have mentioned earlier that this a typical or more accurately usual structural slab detailing and provided thickness. 

Depending on load of structure, purpose of use of slab, geotechnical condition (off course expansive property of black cotton soil is considered), designer may vary the detailing and thickness.

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We have discussed in previous post that slab-on-grade foundation may rest on shallow or deep component of foundation systems. There may be a load bearing footing below a slab and sometimes it is expected to remain this component. For these purpose a concrete saw is used to cut the slab. Our aim is to leave the narrow weak slab just over the support provided by load bearing wall. It (the support) may be some sort of grade beam. Dear reader we will finish this topic in the next posts. Please stay with us.

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