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How is Slab-On-Grade Foundation Repaired Distressed by Black Cotton Soil? (Part-2)

Dear reader we were on the definition of slab-on-grade. In previous post we have discussed that we are not concerned to well reinforced and having deep supported slab-on-grade foundation.

Now we will go to the main topics-the way of repair. The slab that have distressed either by shrinkage or heaving effect of black cotton soil is recommended to repair with structural slab. Now we will learn about how we can do this.

We are not mentioning that structural slab is the only option. But it is the most common solution for black cotton soil related distortion to slab-on-grade foundation. In one word, the existing distorted slab is removed and replaced with structural slab.

Settled pavement slab due to black cotton soil

Now what is structural slab? This is nothing but a slab having extra thickness and adequately reinforced for rendering moment resistance for expansive soil related movement.

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Dear reader we are not leaving any term unexplained. We are discussing every necessary point to understand our post. These make post long enough to divide it into parts. But you are not annoyed to learn what it slab-on-grade or what is structural slab from other sources. So please stay with we will discuss the topic elaborately. Just switch to next post to find details.


  1. Yes, replacement is to put a structural slab down. Now, the designer must know what kind of uplift stress is expected to design for. This must be available or else the repair may be faulty.

    Who is best to give that stress? A qualified soil engineer.

  2. yes replacement of the old slab road on black cotton soil but the existing slab road not provide the reinforced in slab .doring the work we have not proper treatment on joints than road slab to be dameged ;;;;;