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Economic Consideration in Selecting Foundation in Black Cotton Soil (Part-2)

This is the continuation of previously discussed economical relation to different foundation systems that can be adopted in case of black cotton soil. In this blog we will discuss all types of foundation systems in serial and their relation to economy.

As discussed before both deep supporting and shallow supporting systems have risk of differential settlement. Differential settlement causes disturbance to superstructure and destruction of architectural elements of the structure. Both methods involve with respective cost involvement. Obviously the deep supporting system of construction involves relatively more cost.

Failure of foundation wall due to "clay bowl effect" of backfill black cotton soil

The fact related to risk and cost is that degree of risk has a proportion of inverse order to cost. But when heavy cost involvement is concerned, sometimes higher risk of foundation failure is accepted. So shallow foundation system is sometimes adopted knowing greater risk involvement considering economy and affordability.

Now question is how we can select foundation system satisfying both risk and economy. The answer is-it is impossible to meet both conditions. So owners or developers have to take a tough discussion. Normally two lists are made to determine a better solution. These are:

a. Listing foundation system in increasing level of risk.

b. Listing foundation systems in decreasing construction cost.

From these two lists one can choose the better options of foundation system for his/her sweet home or commercial or industrial structure to be rested on black cotton soil.

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