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Surface Preparation for Commencing Concrete Repair Work (Part-4)

We have already learned about preparation of reinforced concrete for repair work, the depth of exposure reinforcement, clearance requirements of reinforcement form concrete, if required. This is the finishing post of previous three consecutive posts to explain this topic.

Generally sand blasting the concrete surfaces is adopted to prepare a concrete surface and that of reinforcement to have optimum bonding. Then debris and dust are removed by following procedure:

Anti-corrosive coating to reinforcement before concrete repair work
a. Booming or

b. Air blasting or

c. Water blasting with low pressure

In case of exposed concrete surface, a coating that suit best is applied. This should keep in mind that the rust from the surface of reinforcement must be removed thoroughly. The consideration of coating is taken where corrosion environment is found around the concrete member or existing reinforcement in concrete is found corroded. We have already discussed about allowance of degree of corrosion.


With all types of measures undertaken carefully, finally engineer should inspect for any other deficiencies that may be overlooked before and take remedial action instantly to start next phase of repair work. Dear reader we will finish this here. In previous three posts including it we have provided necessary information about surface preparation before concrete repair operation.

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