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Surface Preparation for Commencing Concrete Repair Work (Part-2)

This is the continuation of the post surface preparation for commencing concrete repair work. In the lasts we have a preliminary idea about concrete work. We have provided a figure of recommended layout for surface repair dismantling loose and spalled concrete. Now we will go to the main point.

To provide perfect bond between old and new concrete the engineers and supervisors should carefully inspect the reinforcement that are exposed due to either corrosion or come out during removing loose and delaminated concrete. These include:

Exposing reinforcing bar before repair work of a concrete column
a. Access clearance

b. Cross-sectional area of reinforcement, if the section is corroded.

c. Location of reinforcement

When reinforcing steel is not properly bonded with the prepared concrete (dismantled delaminated and spalled concrete free surface) then the reinforcing bar has to be exposed to a further depth. Normally the further exposing is done when the prepared surface does not reach to half of the perimeter of reinforcing bar. When it reached to more than half of the perimeter of reinforcing bars, the bar is exposed completely.


In the next three posts we will discuss the preparation procedure as a continuation of previous post. Please stay tuned with us. We will provide an elaborate explanation with figures to depict the surface preparations procedure for repairing concrete member or foundations or structures.