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How is Mat Foundation Idealized in Software “SAFE”? Part-2

In the previous post we have discussed about modeling procedure of mat foundation in computer software SAFE. The rest of the discussion will be discussed in this post. We were on classical theory for thick plates supported on winkler foundation. We have already known that this method take into account deformations due to transverse shear of the plate. 

Formulation is derived from assumptions that:

Assumptions for formulation of classical theory for thick plates supported on winkler foundation

The formulation for finite element-isoparameric, four noded, rectangular elements have freedom of three degree per node, is assumed. The three degree freedoms include:
Degree of freedom of finite element mash per node for raft foundation analysis with SAFE
1. Transverse displacement=w

2. Rotation around X-axis=θx

3. Rotation around X-axis= θy
Shape functions of independent bilinear properties are taken account for rotational and displacement degree of freedom. There force deflection equation can be derived for plate foundation element, by equating the first variation for total strain energy to zero for the required plate foundation system.

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