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All About Concrete Swimming Pool

Concrete pools are one of the most popular varieties of pools. Concrete swimming pools are in-ground variety and are expensive compared to fiberglass in-ground pools. The cost of concrete swimming pools can be as much as 50 percent more than in-ground fiberglass variety. In spite of the higher cost these pools are popular as they offer benefits like durability and customization. Concrete swimming pools offer a huge variety with regard to the shape, size and design of the pool. 

Benefits of concrete swimming pools 

The main advantage of concrete swimming pools is that they provide scope for customization. The shape and design limitations present in case of vinyl liner pools are not applicable to concrete variety. This allows you to build pools of any desired shape along with features like waterfalls and the like.

Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool with peripheral Concrete Pouring
One more important benefit of opting for concrete swimming pools over vinyl lined ones is durability. The risk of tears, stains or leaks is much lower in case of concrete swimming pools compared to vinyl liner pools. Due to its durability, the pools in hotels or apartment complexes are usually of concrete variety. These pools can be lined with tiles to make them more attractive.

Cleaning and maintenance of concrete pools

Concrete swimming pools either have a concrete lining or a tile lining. In case of concrete lining, the pool has to be scraped with wire bristle brush to get rid of the dirt and algae from floor and surrounding walls of the pool. The best way to do this is to start on the shallow side of the pool and work your way towards the deeper end. After the debris settle, a pool vacuum cleaner can be used to clean it.

Concrete Swimming Pool
Concrete Swimming Pool
In case of tile lined

pools, the tiles need to be occasionally scrubbed clean using household tile cleaner. Chlorine is helpful in removing stains from concrete pools. In case of tougher stains, acid wash is a good option. Concrete pools can be drained completely without risk of collapse, this makes cleaning easier to some extent.

Caution to be taken in case of concrete pools 

Acid wash of Concrete Swimming Pool
Acid wash of Concrete
Swimming Pool
Pressure washing is not recommended for concrete swimming pools. Although pressure washing can effectively get rid of dirt, and clean the pool, it can cause peeling of the base of your concrete pool. Peeling of the base results in uneven surface and repairing uneven pool surface is a costly affair. 

Acid wash is a popular and effective method of cleaning a concrete pool. However, it is best to employ professionals for this purpose. The acid used for acid washes is very dangerous and has to be used with extreme caution. Also, residue of the acid wash can't be simply drained away and only professionals can properly dispose the chemical residue after the wash. After acid wash, it is important to wash the pool thoroughly before refilling to ensure that the water is not polluted by any acid remains. 

Concrete pools are favored due to their durability and beauty. Proper maintenance of such pools requires efforts, but it is essential to ensure long term usability.


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