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Painting Old Wood Work

The old painted surface which is in bad condition or the paint has badly blistered and flaked, it should be completely removed by use of a blow lamp or one of the patent paint removers. While removing the paint with a lump, care should be taken to see that neither the paint nor the background gets charred and the flame is played upon the surface in such a manner that the paint only gets soft. The soften paint is then removed with a stripping knife following the flame as it is moved up the surface. Paint remover should be used in place where removing the old paint with blow lamp is not considered desirable. The paint remover is applied on the surface with a brush. Under the action of the paint remover, the paint film will lift up and wrinkle and can be easily removed with the help of a sharp instrument.

Old paint can also be removed by applying caustic soda solution ( formed by dissolving caustic soda with 48 times its volume of water), on the surface and then stripping it with a sharp instrument. After removing the old paint, the cleaned surface is given two or three coats of the paint to obtain the desired finish.

In case of the old paint is in good condition but dirty and its removal is not considered necessary, the surface should be cleaned of all dirt and grease by washing it with lime and water. The cleaned surface is rubbed with pumice and the holes and cracks, if any, are filled with glazier's putty or wood putty.

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